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Are you needing to focus on quality assurance in training and education and need expert advice and guidance to help you along the way?


Do you want people that are extended to their full potential and prepared to meet the future needs of the business?

The importance of your people to the success of your business cannot be overstressed. It is essential that staff training and development needs are met on a continual professional basis. Training and development are a necessity, not a luxury!

Training and development can be carried out when:

  • A job is not being done effectively
  • A job changes
  • There is a change in the product or service being offered
  • Changes in structure, rules and procedure
  • Someone new joins the organisation
  • External factors are involved such as new legislation

As experienced internal verifiers and moderators, the team at Barefoot Trainers work with education and training providers to give support, guidance and training to develop quality assurance and internal verification practices at their centres.

We focus on supporting assessors and internal verifiers to share best practice and standardise activities to identify areas for improvement and development.

Most importantly, we firmly believe that organisations should invest in developing their people so they improve the guidance, support and feedback they give to candidates.

Tell us about how we can help you carry out and deliver assessment and internal verification practices that support the development of your assessors and candidate

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